Wednesday, September 26, 2012


K9 Insurance: (a k a = Canine Dog insurance) Accidents can happen at anytime get insured be safe.Go get insurance for your canine while he or she is still a puppy.Just like people the older the dog the harder it is to get your loved one insured.This blog is to inform one dog owner to another.Insurance will help protect  both dog + dog owner from very costly animal clinic hospital bills.
My dog was involved in a very bad freak accident almost left her for dead,My dog Annie was not insured at the time of injury.Reason being i did not know they had insurance for canine dogs i was uninformed this is why i i made this blog on canine insurance,best advice from dog owner to dog owner.Due to a freak accident my dog Annie needed a very costly operation to safe her life' money means nothing when it comes to the love of your pet, At the same time money is everything in a situation like Annies or some other freak accidents.
If your not insured knock on wood something were to happen if you cannot pay for the operation or medicine your dog will be put down or die on his or her own.Another piece of advice is to build up a little float of money in case of puppy dog emergency.

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